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The Chinese in protest against the decision of the Hague court have begun to break and bending of the iPhone [photos]

In response to the decision of the Arbitration court in the Hague on the territorial issue, the Chinese people EN masse lead to the state of the Apple smartphones. Pictures of bent and broken iPhone 6 can be seen in the Network: in particular, the images posted on the resource

Chinese Internet users have begun to upload photos from broken iPhone, produced by the American company. Thus they are protesting against the decision of the international Tribunal, who yesterday admitted that China has “historical rights” in the disputed territory in the South China sea, standing on the side of the Philippines.

At the meeting of 12 July 2016, the court rejected the Chinese claims to large areas in the waters of the South China sea that is also claimed by neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. In the resolution it was noted that China has no legitimate reason to claim historic rights to the so-called “nine dotted line”.

In the 497-page verdict States that the China is violating the sovereign rights of the Philippines, conducting the search for natural resources in the offshore reed Bank. The court also recognized that China interfered with Philippine fishing. In addition, the document States that the construction of China’s artificial Islands in the disputed Spratly Islands brings the coral reef ecosystem “irreparable damage”.

China and ASEAN members – the Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam – are the territorial dispute over the Spratly archipelago in the South China sea. United States, claiming non-intervention in disputes, however, as experts point out, are connected by allied relations with some regional powers and in support of their views, in particular, the claim of the Philippines.

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The Chinese President XI Jinping has refused to execute the decision of the court in the Hague.

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