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The child spent more than 400 000 rubles for the game for iPad. Apple returned the money

It is considered that the application developers will live happily ever after – that is true, if the game is in App Store top. Another variant to be enriched is shown when mobile devices get into the hands of children. For example, as happened with the 11-year-old Alfie, who played on the iPad.

The family of Dosanov from UK probably horrified to see the state of your Bank account: it lost £6000 or 430 000 rubles. It turned out that the money spent on the game for the iPad. Parents were allowed Alfie to use the gadget on the weekends.

Father Alfie said that is not very well versed in all the modern gadgets, but, in his opinion, such a sum is impossible to spend on a tablet one day. The son did make the purchase, but only with the permission and the amounts were much smaller — by a few pounds.

The game, whose name is not called, is shareware: you can download it “for free”, to pass the pay is also optional, but to play, as a rule, very difficult. The situation can be greatly improved by paying bonuses or items with real money.

Alfie wondered what benefits he will get by spending £99. It seems that the result exceeded expectations: in five minutes the account had gone £700, half an hour — £1100. “It’s scary. He said that the game was not to break away, but it seemed that I pressed the pay button a few times,” explained the parents of Brit. We must pay tribute to Apple, who agreed to return the money, but from the punishment of ELFi does not otvertelsya.

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The boy’s father shared the story with the media to warn other parents: children and the technique is best not left unattended.

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