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The chief PR Manager of Apple in China has become a well-known journalist

Apple have inferior market share in China, local manufacturers that offer more affordable smartphones. Chinese market, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, was Apple’s second largest after North America, more than 27% of total revenue in the latest quarter of 2015, the company received therefrom. However, according to recent reporting, in 2016, the company’s revenues in China fell by a quarter.

The Chinese market for many companies of different sectors is a very important and promising, in spite of all the features. One of the steps taken by Apple to improve its position in China — hired known Chinese journalist Wei GU, who previously worked in the publications of The Wall Street Journal and Reuters. In the Apple GU has held the post of chief PR Manager.

Post PR Director of Apple in China GU will lead the relationship with the local media, responsible for developing a promotional strategy of the brand, to make a choice of methods of interaction with the public, organizations and the media. Requirements for the employee to meet high professional to form for Apple’s image attractive and friendly company.

Apple pays a lot of attention to the recruitment of journalists of major publications. The Corporation of Cupertino at the time, moved employees such well-known thematic resources as The Verge, TechCrunch and Anandtech.

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