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The Chairman of the state Duma reproached the girl for iPhone 6 after the issue of mortgages and low wages

At the youth forum “Territory”, which was made by the Secretary of the General Council “United Russia” Sergei Neverov, the girl Yana from Krasnoyarsk told me that eight years in an orphanage and can’t get a mortgage, but the officer rebuked her because she has an iPhone.

“I have two degrees, two red diploma, I work for eight years in an orphanage. And I don’t know where I sinned: I can’t get a mortgage. Tell me, how do I live with such a salary? Mortgages will be higher than my salary”, — said Sergei Neverov girl Yana from Krasnoyarsk.

In response to this Neverov first asked whether payment she received the second higher education. When the girl confirmed, United Russia asked about the reasons for receiving the first and second higher education. Then the moderator of the conference of the “Young guard” has interrupted the questioning of the girl and caught her attention with a question about the mortgage for the iPhone 6, which she held in her hand.

“I understand that you take other people’s money is generally a bad taste. But let’s be honest with each other. So you ask the question. You have in your hands is the sixth iPhone, which is worth 50 000 roubles. So when we ask such questions, let’s see what we have in hands”, — said the moderator.

Hall met words with applause, despite the fact that Mamaev tried to reply to the Deputy that the iPhone she received for the successful completion of the second higher education.

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