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The cash reserves Apple has exceeded the total cost of the most expensive companies of Russia

Apple reported on financial stocks for the last quarter of the current fiscal year. For the last three months in the accounts of the California giant has accumulated $237,6 billion, $6 billion more than in the previous quarter. So much not making IT today, no Corporation. And the size of available funds the “Apple” giant amazing.

If a huge financial cushion Apple would be a separate company, it would be the seventh largest in the index of wide market stock exchange US S&P 500, and the fourteenth in the world a public company, notes Investcafe.

Reporting from Apple published this week also shows that it sold more iPhones than expected by the consensus of Wall Street analysts and surpassed profit expectations. On this news the American stock exchange reacted to the jump by 2%.

“Apple remains a company that literally “prints” money. Currently, she is a change of sources of income due to the shift of emphasis from the sale of goods in the direction of the ecosystem. This process raises concerns among investors. However, it seems that these emotions are not so sharp, and the sales growth of the company’s services in the ongoing implementation of the program of returning capital to create a powerful background for the decision to invest in the securities of Apple,” says analyst Oleg Kombai.

“And Apple is trying to burn the cash in the acquisitions of other companies, or the taxes when you plant money in the US will eat 35%. 🙂 “—says Michael Elgort.

“Every second either with an iPhone or an iPad will be every second in the world Buk M1 and we are alive))))”, — sharpens Borisov.

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“The money they need to move factories from China to his States. I think Texas will not mind” — suggests On the mend!.

Money Apple will be enough to buy any tech companies other than Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon or Verizon. However, if Apple will continue to hoard the cache at the same pace, a year later, the list of exceptions limited to Google and Microsoft.

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