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The car is the most desirable new Apple people in the U.S.

Most of us are unlikely to know whether the 100th anniversary of the Apple iCar will be released (sorry — have to wait another 60 years). However, the car is the most desired new “Apple” brand, which could appear within the next 5 years. Such data leads research firm Investor’s Business Daily polls of around 3000 people in the US.

For car Apple spoke of 21.6%. A little behind from this option own streaming video service companies (19.5%) and virtual reality helmet (16,1%)

Rumors about a possible Apple developing their own car on electricity appeared at the beginning of 2015, but never any information on this subject has not been officially confirmed or refuted.

Was also evidence that Apple even opened in Berlin, the “secret laboratory” for the design of the first model. The cupertinos have hired many professionals from the automobile industry, including the former Vice President of Tesla and the ex-head of the engineering Department of Aston Martin.

In October 2016 became known that Apple abandoned the idea of building their own machine. Instead, the company decided to focus on building an autopilot system, which can be sold to automakers.

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