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The buyers Essential the fault of the Phone company sent each other photos of personal documents

Because of an error in the mailing of the company Essential based “father of Android” Andy Rubin, customers of mobile PH–1 accidentally sent each other pictures of passports and documents. It is reported by The Next Web.

Starting from August 29 to address customers ‘ smartphones Essential showered with letters from the manufacturer with a request to reaffirm the order. Confirmation was made by photo IDs — driver’s license or passport, where you can find the address and signature of the customer.

A number of users perceived such an email as a phishing attack and simply ignored the request. Others, worried about the fate of the ordered smartphone, the sent documents. It is curious that the message originator has been specified, only one address, but after the answer has been written by the user that the message is sent to the whole group of users.

Thus, customers have shared personal data with each other.

A day later the situation was commented by the head of the Essential Andy Rubin, recognizing the problems with the newsletter. According to the founder, in the erroneous mailing was attended by about 70 people. As an apology Rubin offered the affected customers a year of free maintenance service LifeLock. With it, users can protect personal data, as well as fraudulent loan or the hacking of the payment account.

Delivery is already disabled. Chapter Essential promised to pay more attention to infrastructure and customer support.

Essential first smartphones started to ship just a few days ago. The company promised to build sales before the end of June.

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