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The budget iPhone will get a display like the LG G7

According to BusinessKorea, 6.1-inch display iPhone with Face ID will use the same technology as in the LG G7. Because of this, the smartphone screen is very bright.

The latest rumors are that in 2018, Apple will unveil three smartphones: two with OLED screen and one with an IPS display. BusinessKorea believes that Apple will use IPS-display, made by technology of mlcd+. The same screens are installed in LG G7.

It is expected that Apple will equip its next smartphone, the 6.1-inch display of mlcd+, which LG uses in the smartphone G7 ThinQ. Screens of mlcd+ brighter than a conventional LCD panel, and consume less energy.

Classic LCD displays have three subpixels — red, green and blue that constitute the color information. Screens of mlcd+ have an additional fourth white subpixel which is responsible for brightness. With this technology, the brightness of the display LG G7 is 1000 NT. For comparison, the brightness of the OLED display X iPhone is 634 NT. The screen of mlcd+ as OLED display iPhone X, can display 100% of the color gamut of DCI-P3.

It is assumed that the 6.1-inch iPhone will be a cheaper iPhone X. This will be achieved through a weaker technical characteristics. Analysts believe that this smartphone might cost $ 700-800.

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