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The Briton, who accused Apple of deleting photos with his iPhone, sued the company $1800

Before MacDigger talked about UK residents Derik white, who has filed a lawsuit against Apple. The company’s specialists, who took his iPhone to diagnose, without warning erased data on the device, with the result that man lost his personal photos and videos. As it became known, the court found Apple guilty and ordered to pay 68-year-old user compensation.

According to the materials of the case, on iPhone 5 the plaintiff received a test notification that his unit is defective. What kind of message is it is not specified – we know that Apple gadgets do not show diagnostic errors. Perhaps we are talking about SMS-newsletter or spam e-mails. The Briton took the smartphone repair in the Central Apple Store in London on Regent street and passed on the diagnosis.

When white returned for the gadget, he was told that the problem is solved. Then asked, did he backup his information. It turned out that backups white didn’t have.

“They asked if I still have the iPhone backup after I did some digging in my smartphone! My whole life was stored in the phone. I lost video from honeymoon in the Seychelles, where a huge turtle bit my hand” – shared Wyle.

In the framework of the statement of claim the plaintiff demanded compensation from Apple in the amount of 5000 pounds (about $7500) for the loss of personal photos and videos and about 15 years contacts.

The court ordered Apple to pay the victim £ 1,200 (about $1800), recognizing the technical support personnel of the company guilty of neglect of user data. Another 770 pounds (about $1150) Apple will pay for the fees.

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