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The Briton figured out how to make an Apple Pencil easier [video]

The main point of the September presentation, Apple was a new, huge iPad — with the prefix Pro. A device with a screen of 12.9 inches was created in order not to consume and create content. This concept, first voiced in Microsoft planetnautique Surface, but in a seriously modified Apple.

When Apple was enthusiastically introduced the iPad Pro with a stylus Apple branded Pencil, you didn’t mention one important point – where the user put the device in when not in use. Apple has not offered any case or suitable holder. The decision found the British engineer Jason lim from SteelConnect. He has developed a compact holder that allows easy access to the Apple Pencil.

A device called a Quarter is a small adapter with Lightning-connector, which should be placed in the main socket iPad Pro. When the user does not work with a stylus, he can clip it into the holder along the body of the tablet. If you want to make a sketch or note with a digital pen, it can easily get. The gadget will always be near the iPad.

In total, Quarter performs four functions, which will evaluate potential buyers of the iPad Pro. So, the Creator of the accessory provided a through hole in the housing of the adapter, which Apple Pencil can stand upright. When stylus need to charge – just place it in the adapter, and the cap worn on the special ledge – so he won’t get lost. By the way, to charge the stylus is not so problematic: 15 seconds charge is half an hour of work, and a full charge will last for 12 hours of drawing, sketching, annotating, and editing.

Lim collects funds for the release of Quarter on the website Kickstarter. He needed the money was part of a 3000 British pounds. At the time of preparing notes, the project has invested already 127 people, with around 1200 pounds. First deliveries of the 8-dollar gadget is scheduled for December.

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