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The British found out that the Christmas garlands can degrade the signal quality Wi-Fi

It is known that the quality of the Wi-Fi signal is affected by the distance to the router, the presence of walls and furniture in the room. British experts from the company Ofcom have found several reasons that become the main culprits of deterioration of wireless communication quality.

The company has tied sharp increase in the number of queries to providers with complaints of poor Internet connection with new year holidays. It turned out that the problem may cause festive Christmas decorations and electric garlands.

As other sources of problems for a stable Wi-Fi the British call wireless phones, microwave ovens, Bluetooth devices, wireless cameras, game controllers.

To assist users in determining the signal quality of the wireless network, and Troubleshooting, the developers even released a special app. Download Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker available for free on iOS and Android.

Ofcom Wi-Fi Checker allows you to diagnose Wi-Fi signal and get recommendations for its improvement.

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