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The bread simulator I Am Bread will be released on iPhone and iPad [video]

The company Bossa Studios, famous project Surgeon Simulator, has announced a version of I Am Bread for iOS platform. To port the game to mobile devices Apple plan to the end of the summer.

Along with the announcement, the developers have posted on the event trailer, which is a parody of the movie “the Prince of Beverly hills”. Creating the iOS version does not itself — it has instructed the Studio Just Add Water, the authors Gravity Crash and Oddworld.

I Am Bread tells “the beautiful story of one slice of bread’s epic and emotional adventure, the final of which he seeks to be toast.” The player must drag a piece of bread across the room in a toaster, you will need to try not to dirty the bread and avoid various insects. Each level in the game takes the bread in different rooms. Project for PC is on sale on Steam for the price of 289 rubles.

By the way, in February of this year, the slice of bread ceased to be the only character I Am Bread. He was joined French baguette, and with it, added two modes, and one new location. This free DLC will be natively integrated into the mobile version of the game.

Desktop version of I Am Bread was very popular in the network, so the developers hope that the owners of iOS devices will also appreciate their creation. The release of the game for iPhone and iPad is scheduled for August 27, Pro version for Android yet known.

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