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The Brazilian regulator has shown how the poster Apple Watch at the Apple store [photos]

The telecommunications Agency of Brazil prepared photos poster Apple Watch. Insider image published resource Blog do iPhone, shed light on the internal structure of the demonstration samples “Apple” gadgets.

On 24 April, Apple started sales of computerized watches Apple Watch branded online stores, outlets Apple Store, and a number of authorized Resellers. The Apple Store consultants bring customers to the demonstration table, where they can choose the model of interest. The clock is spinning screensaver demonstrating the possibilities of the device: in this mode the Apple dubbed the “magic screen”.

Offline demo samples of the Apple Watch is Packed in plastic housings together with the iPad mini. Website Blog do iPhone posted photos of their internal structure. Every instance, as it became known, used in conjunction with a unique strap, equipped Ligthning connector. Using this strap gadget directly connects to iPad mini, and passes on to him the information on the current contents of the screen. Tablet computer, in turn, displays detailed information on a specific feature of the Apple Watch.

Apple Watch connect to iPad through a special six-slot, which is located inside one of the grooves for fastening the strap of the Apple Watch. In appearance it resembles Lightning, it installs the operating system at the production stage. Through him, the same power for charging the watch.

As notes the edition, demo samples of the Apple Watch have successfully passed the certification in the telecommunications Agency of Brazil.

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