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The blogger published x-ray iPhone 8

We have seen that within the next Apple smartphone.

Thanks to inquisitive users who have carefully studied the filling of the Apple software, we already know a lot about the iPhone 8. The latest firmware for the wireless smart HomePod dynamics, which Apple promises to launch in December this year, opened testers new secrets about the next model of the smartphone.

The iPhone 8 will be available to face recognition, smart camera, which will automatically adjust settings depending on what relieves the user and the function “tap to wake”, which allows to Wake up the screen by one swipe.

Judging by the fact that information about the iPhone 8 comes online almost every day, we still have open. X-ray the following smartphone published blogger goscinnym by Benjamin (Benjamin Geskin), confirmed the rumors about wireless charging gadget, dual camera and new battery.

iPhone 8 — the first model of the Apple smartphone, which will have wireless charging. According to rumors, the representatives of the manufacturer were expecting the emergence of new technologies, but decided not to give competitors an advantage and used in the new model the same Qi standard, which is used in Android devices.

A large black segment in the picture, this loop inductive charging. The photographs of this item has already appeared in the network. Over it the picture shows the space in the form of the letter L, which is likely to be the battery is located. Apple changed the standard form to increase the lifespan.

X-ray image shows two modules for the camera, arranged vertically. The creators of many renderings of iPhone 8 suggested the presence of dual cameras, similar to the iPhone 7 Plus.

The release of the iPhone 8, which will give the opportunity to compare assumptions with reality, will take place this fall.

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