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The blogger has abandoned the laptop in favor of iPad Pro and said, what came of it

If tablets are so powerful, why they still have not replaced the laptops? Apple CEO Tim cook believes that at the present time for most users, the need for a PC anymore. In his opinion, to replace personal computers and laptops come powerful tablets, such as iPad Pro. Author Victor Ferra zaikovsky decided to abandon the laptop and to perform their daily tasks on a giant Apple. What came out of it, read below.

The journalist has determined the minimum necessary set of features: email, messengers, notes, text editor (Pages + Google Docs), app for reading news, the editing process and working with CMS in the browser.

For such work you need a keyboard. To reply to the message with the onscreen keys or type the address, or write a short note on the iPad is easy. But when it comes to writing text in large volumes, without a hardware keyboard can not do. As branded keyboard Smart Keyboard from Apple has not yet Russified, Zaikovskii used Apple Magic wireless Keyboard, which comes bundled with the new iMac. And here was discovered the first disadvantage of the iPad Pro due to the size of the new normal typing only sitting at a Desk (or folding table in the plane), but on the knees of these two devices will not put.

The second point, which was not the most obvious – mobile apps. Version of Adobe Photoshop for iOS, according to Victor – has only one name, and from the point of view of possibilities “it is not a Photoshop, but rather an enhanced version of the filters from Instagram”. No shortcuts from the “older” version in the program not working.

– Optimized third party apps for iPad Pro yet there are some problems. Own almost all the Apple application adapted for ultra-high resolution, but third party developers are in no hurry. If the same Facebook and Twitter began to support the 12.9-inch displays at once, clients of services like Dropbox, the interface is stretched to full screen.

In the process, the journalist has to interview, recording it on tape, and photograph important announcements or slides from presentations. With the first iPad Pro “with a Bang”, but taking photos was not too comfortable. First, the tablet is heavy to hold it in outstretched arms and press the trigger is not easy, secondly, it attracts too much attention.

Multitasking on the iPad has been reduced compared to OS X, says zaikovsky. “Yes, I can simultaneously view tab in the browser and page in a text editor – before it was lacking. But real multitasking cannot be and speeches,” he says.

In the end, according to the journalist, the experiment ended in failure: he was unable to fully do their jobs, abandoning the laptop. A much more logical choice would have been mini iPad 4 without keyboard – to use it for reading and watching videos when the laptop is exhausted or uncomfortable. The main target audiences of the iPad Pro, says Victor artists, graphic designers and illustrators. Stylus Apple branded Pencil gave additional impetus to this genre, and in the way the iPad Pro is much more convenient than a MacBook with the “vacoom”.

At the same time, for content consumption the iPad Pro has been extremely good. High-quality screen combined with the excellent speakers makes the device is “surprisingly pleasant to view videos and games.” “Several times I took the plate to the flight – it is with great success has replaced the original multimedia system on Board, and the battery is enough without a break to watch movies on a flight from Moscow to Hong Kong,” concluded the journalist.

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