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The blogger clearly showed as 4 GB of RAM affect surfing the web on your new iPad Pro [video]

Last week, Apple begins global sales of iPad Pro. The device has appeared in more than 40 countries, including in Russia. In our country the cost of new items varies from 64 to 86 990 990 rubles depending on memory size and the presence or absence of support of cellular communication. 12.9-inch iPad received many serious innovations, for which it makes sense to give away their money even users top-end iPad Air 2.

As expected, Apple has increased compared with previous models RAM the iPad Pro up to 4 GB. The 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 the amount of RAM is 2 GB.

The first of what Apple has decided to set record amount of RAM in the tablet, found out the developer Hamza Court. He discovered this by running a test app in iOS 7 simulator Xcode that contains three images that are included or excluded dynamically depending on the amount of available RAM. Then it became known that the iPad Pro twice as much RAM available than the iPad Air 2.

The first iPhone has only 256MB of RAM. This figure was doubled in iPad 2 and once again doubled the iPad 3. Then it’s not changed in the following versions of the tablet — iPad 4 and iPad mini 2 and 3. Models of the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 4, which debuted in 2014, were the first to receive 2 GB of RAM. And only in the new iPad Pro RAM increased to 4 GB. Why this is a really important aspect for comfortable work, you can see the video from iDB.

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In the video the author makes iPad Pro and iPad Air 2 with a dozen tabs in the browser, and then trying to go back to the first page. On the tablet last year, many sites are loaded again, while the “Proshka” page will open instantly, as they are in RAM. The same will apply and multitasking: iPad with 4 GB of RAM is already running it will open instantly. A similar situation is observed when comparing the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6.

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