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The best Lightning cables for the iPhone and iPad

The selection of the portal PhoneArena got not just an alternative to the standard Lightning cable from Apple, but the model beyond the original in several indicators.

All the mobile device companies have in the configuration of this cable. However, it is very short-lived. Before iPhone and iPad there is often a question about purchasing a replacement. You can go two ways — buy the same original accessory (its value on the official Apple website is 1590 rubles (19 USD) for the version with a length of 0.5 meters), or buy a cable from another manufacturer.

All of the external ones have to undergo special certification Apple MF, otherwise they simply won’t work with proprietary devices.

Below are 7 certified options standard Lightning cable.

1. Syncwire UnbreakCable

UnbreakCable can withstand up to 125 kg weight, and up to 30 000 cycles of bending by 90 degrees. The most problematic places of the connector is further improved. The model is valid warranty of the manufacturer.

Length: 1 m

Price: $ 9.99 on Amazon

2. Anker PowerLine II

The cable can withstand the weight of 80 kg and 2 000 bending cycles. On the PowerLine II has a lifetime warranty.

Length: 1.8 m

Price: 19,99 $ on Amazon

3. Native Union Belt

Stylish, durable braided cable, which, according to the manufacturer, is 6 times stronger than the original Apple accessory.

Length: 1.2 m

Price: $ 24.99 on Amazon

4. Native Union Night Cable

Union Night Cable great for charging gadgets on the bedside tables. A heavy knot will allow it not to slip off of smooth flat surfaces.

Length: 3 m

Price: 39,99 $ on Amazon

5. Fuse Chicken Titan Loop

Very short, stiff cable that is easy to carry in your pocket. Titan Loop can also be used as a keychain.

Length: 22 cm

Price: $ 19.93 on Amazon

6. Fuse Chicken Titan

The standard version of the previous model from the same manufacturer. Fuse Chicken Titan is one of the most durable cables on the market today. Metal braid protects it from any damage. The manufacturer gives a lifetime warranty on this model.

Length: 0.9 m

Price: 29,70 $ on Amazon

7. MOS Spring Cable

Reliable braided cable with aluminum connectors and spring-loaded seats fold.

Length: 0.9 m

Price: 34,44 dollar on Amazon

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