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The best jailbreak tweaks for iPhone and iPad in 2015

The jailbreak community continues to gain new users, despite the restrictions Apple and condescending attitude of the owners of the stock of the iPhone and iPad.

Since the advent of the first smartphone Apple jailbreak witnessed the birth of many unique tweaks. With the advent of notification Center, control center, Siri good reasons to open root access gadgetu, became even more.

MacDigger offers a selection of the best jailbreak additions to the iPhone and iPad, released by developers in 2015. Presents detailed overviews of the tweaks you can find on the site.


If you like with the power to put pressure on the display of your Apple Watch to call certain functions, and now you are not without your life, do not rush to buy iPhone 6s. To test some of the capabilities of the technology will be almost everyone. Well-known developer of software for jailbroken devices Elias Limneos created tweak Forcy, which carries “3D Touch” on any Apple device.


At first glance it may seem that Andrios is a theme, modify the default home screen iOS to a copy of desktop to Android 5.0, but actually it is not. Andrios is a complete shell that replaces the programmatic interface of the mobile platform Apple. The project is created specially for iPhone 5/5s and iPhone 6/6s.

Cydia Impactor

Cydia Impactor from the Creator of the jailbreak store Jay “Saurik” Freeman allows you to “reset” the device to jailbreak’ers firmware that is currently installed on the device. For example, if you have iOS 9.0.1, then Cydia Impactor will return you to the same 9.0.1, pre-clearing of all the excess. This will not be a full reset, as in the latter case you are forced to update to the latest firmware. This will reset extra that might be needed if the device has become slow, or have any other such problems.

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In the 9.1 update iOS Apple has added 150 new icons to the Unicode Consortium introduced in the eighth edition of the Unicode. Among the new emojis: web, Scorpion, squirrel, burritos, Turkey, chili, tacos, colours and even lilac unicorn with a dragon. New emoticons can only be used by those who have upgraded to the latest software version iOS 9.1/9.2. Users of iOS 9.0.2-9.0 which do not affect the more recent releases of Apple because of jailbreak, it is possible to obtain a set of icons ready for use. You need to install Emoji9.

Auxo Legacy Edition

This is the “classic version” of popular jailbreak tweaks Auxo. Auxo Legacy Edition is a panel in the bottom of the screen with a small interactive cards. This design corresponds to the first version of Auxo, adjusted for skeuomorphism. Auxo Legacy Edition was created at numerous requests of users gravitating to a first embodiment of multitasking. This “old school” version of the popular tweaks: here card showing the status of active tasks that are in the lower part and cover a smaller portion of the screen. This section supports multi-mode and a gesture swipe to the left opens the section with system buttons and media player.


The iPhone 6s integrated a special mode of the keyboard to control the cursor. If you are working with a text document, press the keyboard with little effort, it turns into a virtual touchpad for moving the cursor on the text. If in this mode press display the extra effort, the text will be highlighted. For whatever reason, the feature was available in iOS 9 beta, but disappeared from the final version. To restore justice decided the developer of the tweak Motus. Unofficial app includes the trackpad on any iPhone models.

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Traverse allows you to use arbitrary commands using the icons on the desktop iPhone in analogy with the 3D Touch gestures. Together with Forcy and RevealMenu is a great addition to Apple’s smartphone.


Tweak Multiplexer can be considered the final jailbreak setup, as it combines all the tastiest from Cydia. The addon combines multitasking, which allows you to work side-by-side with multiple apps, the settings background application is running, the ability to work with multiple desktops and more.


The development called Alympus is intended for users who are not satisfied with the standard way of switching apps on the iPhone. The multitasking panel Alympus opens in two ways – double click on the home button of the smartphone and the swipe up gesture from the bottom of the screen. Unlike Apple’s multitasking, the tweak lets you choose from four ways of displaying running tasks: a standard, 2 x 2, 3 x 3 and 4 x 5. Switching between them is a gesture of breeding, and details of two fingers.


Mirmir implements a tweak for the iPhone and iPad multi-tasking capability. In accordance with the concept of programmers, gadgets with Apple on the case can display multiple applications. As desired, the user can display in the Windows of additional tasks. This can be, for example, YouTube, Safari, Instagram, Calculator, Weather, etc. Can be simultaneously read Twitter and browse events in your calendar, surf the Internet and play Sudoku.


The creators of third-party iOS camera to focus on new software features, and one of the promoted features is the so-called pause while recording a video. This feature is available in both a standard iPhone app, but only for owners of jailbroken devices. To obtain such functionality, you need to install from Cydia tweak RecordPause. It works simply — during movie recording allows you to pause and continue shooting. Useful if you need to change the shooting angle without creating a new video.

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Software addition implements Multify on iPhone and iPad a full-fledged multi-tasking. In accordance with the concept of programmers, smartphones and tablets from Apple can display multiple applications. The window size can be changed and moved around the screen on your own – to move up and down or remove from the screen. While running applications will work, for example, when watching YouTube videos will not stop, you will hear the sound and be able to work with music.


The highlight of the iPhone 6s camera is the photographs Photos Live, where literally come to life with the most precious memories. Feature automatically records a few moments before and after shooting, allowing you to view photos in motion, with one click. Tweak plays PhotosLive technology to turn static frames live at the gadgets with iOS 9. The technology takes 8-megapixel picture. Before and after also recorded some seconds with movement and sound. Recording duration can be changed to your liking – from 0 to 3 seconds.

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