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The Belarusians have their technology in every second iPhone and iPad

Belarusian businessmen make a huge contribution to the creation of Apple products, reports local resource Belmarket. According to the publication, technology of the Belarusian enterprise”, izovak” bet on high technology are used in every second iPhone and iPad.

Enterprise “IZOVAC” is one of the leaders in its segment of the world market. According to the newspaper, 50% of smartphones and tablets Apple manufactured using vacuum equipment to the Belarusian company. In addition to the “Apple” giant’s customers include Sharp, Samsung, Saint-Gobain, Rosatom, rostec’s shvabe.

“A key success was the orbit of Apple: the Belarusian company received from a supplier of touch panels for this IT giant an order for the production equipment. Almost 70% of the screens on the first iPhones and iPads were created with innovative equipment “IZOVAC””.

Intercept orders from Chinese manufacturers managed by increasing the proportion of usable products.

“To be in the supply chain of Apple, many are willing to work below cost. GK “IZOVAC” afford it can not. Thus, the focus is not on low prices, and new technologies and original solutions that are created through scientific research.”

“The yield on any hardware less than 100% because there is always some percentage of scrap. Loaded in the installation of 1000 screens — got 20 broken. When you consider the scale of production, it turns out that in this battle lost a lot of money. When we are able to reduce losses by at least 1%, we save the customer tens of millions of dollars. The equipment is worth about $ 1 million. The benefit is obvious, and in this case we can set the terms on price.”

The partnership with Apple is not the only achievement of Belarusian entrepreneurs. Belarus is the homeland of the messenger Viber, computer games, World of Tanks and applications MSQRD, allowing you to create animated masks during a video chat.

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