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The battery that is always with you: belt Belt Ion will extend the operating time of smartphones

Short battery life — currently one of the main disadvantages of mobile devices. Technology batteries for electronics are not developing as quickly as hoped. So users come up with various accessories that would have increased the duration of their gadgets. One of these is the belt Belt Ion, the project which started on Kickstarter.

Ion Belt made in the form of ordinary men’s belt Trouser strap with integrated flexible battery of 3000 mAh. Capacity is enough to charge the battery of the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus up to one hundred percent. According to the creators of the project, they decided to embed the battery in a piece of clothing that people wear the most.

Ion Belt user can put the smartphone in your pocket and connect it to the extra battery in the strap across the invisible wire. On the device there is a led indicator that displays battery status. Please note, the belt is made of leather, that is, except the buckle, here everything is traditional.

The Ion release Belt offered to Fund on the platform of social investments. The goal of the campaign is rather modest – $50 000, with more than half of the funds already collected. The minimum contribution for which the promise to send a new device when it is ready – $79. The estimated retail price for the device will be significantly higher – at least $130. Expected start of deliveries in June of 2016.

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