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The Bank “Opening” the first in Russia has launched money transfers via iMessage

The Bank “Opening” was the first among Russian banks launched money transfers via messenger iMessage. This was announced by the representatives of the credit institution.

Transfer money often, you need as quickly as possible, and the speed, as is known, depends on the convenience of the transaction. With the release of a new version of mobile client “Discovery” service allows users to send requests and money transfers without logging in to the application through messages.

To submit your request, simply open the iMessage and select the recipient. Next, you add the plugin “Open”, enter the amount and comment. The recipient will receive a request for funds in the format of a message within a few seconds.

The request receiver must click on the message and enter the access code from the banking application to confirm the transfer.

“To collect money for the pizza, the food for the kitten to return long issued debt or to split the bill for a hearty lunch — all this can now be done in the usual iMessage. Send a transfer request in chat (you can, by the way, and in a group) using the plugin that came in this update — and the recipient will send money in response, pressing a few buttons and not even going into our application”.

To use the plugin “Discovery” is possible in many cases — from the usual debt repayment to raise money for a gift to a friend. Service available to users who have installed the app “Discovery” of 2.21 and iOS operating system 10 and above.

Download the official app of the Bank “Opening” at this link.

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