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The average cost of a electric car of Apple will amount to 55,000 dollars

According to media reports, Apple has decided to accelerate the development of its own model of the car — of course, with electric motor. The novelty, which is destined to be in the spotlight, will appear in approximately 2019. According to research company Jefferies, the average cost of vehicle Apple will amount to 55,000 dollars.

Analysts be lieve the price is too high for a company with no experience in the automotive industry. But it is about average price. The Apple Car will be available in different version up to the luxury modification. Jefferies carried out in parallel with the Apple Watch. Thus, the “iCar” will probably be presented in a more accessible segment.

Analysts believe that Apple’s car will be many times more popular models of the company Tesla, specializing in the production of electric vehicles. They decided that in 2019, when the salons are assumed to enter the Apple Car will be able to sell around 200,000 of these cars.

Tesla meanwhile criticized Apple development in the automotive industry, describing their work as more complex than what the company from Cupertino. In a recent interview, commenting on the rumors about Apple poaching “key engineers”, CEO Elon Musk said with irony: “the Key engineers? They hire people we fired. We always jokingly called Apple the “graveyard of Tesla”. If you don’t handle it in the Tesla, then get a job at Apple. I’m not kidding”.

Previously, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple has taken the decision to expand the automotive business and to speed up work on its first model, which will appear in 2019.

The decision was preceded by more than one-year ROI analysis of the project, the results of which Cupertino enlisted a considerable portion of state support. However, investments it is not: for example, the state of California had given their permission for the tests of the prototypes on the roads.

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