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The average configuration of the iMac Pro is 45% more powerful than the top-end Mac Pro late 2013

iMac Pro is the most powerful Apple computer. The results of synthetic test Geekbench confirm it, reports MacRumors.

On the YouTube channel of Jonathan Morrison an overview of the iMac Pro, which was shown the results in the benchmark Geekbench. To test the blogger was average configuration iMac Pro. This candy bar inside which has a 10-core processor with 3 GHz Intel Xeon W, 128 GB RAM, SSD 2 TB and Radeon Vega Pro 64 16GB. With this iron iMac Pro gaining 5450 points in single core test and 37 434 points in multicore. For comparison, the most powerful Mac Pro late 2013 scored 3352 points in single core test and 25747 of points in multi-core.

iMac Pro has demonstrated impressive results, but this is not the limit. The computer may be installed 18-core processor, thanks to it the iMac Pro will work even faster. At the request of the client can also be installed hard drive with a 4 TB SSD.

Some American journalists and bloggers have already received the iMac Pro to the test. Apple also offers large corporations to determine the configurations and prices on the new computer. In a recent interview Phil Schiller said the iMac Pro will go on sale in a few days, presumably this will happen on 14 December.

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