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The average Apple employee is two times more productive engineer Google

The company Periscopic has prepared an interesting infographic that displays the structure of the patents to Apple and Google. Experts came to the conclusion that the average engineer of the Corporation from Cupertino productive engineer the Internet giant is about twice.

Graphics is represented by two circles: each dot represents an employee of the company, which is mentioned in the application at least one patent, and the lines indicate which people he worked with, says Birdinflight. Analysts have examined the patents filed by Apple and Google over the past 10 years and the names of the inventors.

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On the chart Apple (right) is noticeably darker-which accounts for a significant number of patents. Experts sees in the Corporation a more centralized structure with a relatively small team of inventors are constantly working on new projects. On the chart of patents by Google (left) the structure is less dense: almost no dark clusters, and the number of patents are evenly distributed across a large number of employees.

Apple over the last 10 years 975 filed 10 patents involving 5 232 engineers. In Google for the same time 8 888 engineers has developed 12 386 patent applications. Analysts show the difference between the development process at Apple and Google on the example of the founders: former Apple CEO Steve jobs is listed in the 347 patent, filed ten years, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry page during the same period participated in the preparation of only 27 patents.

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But the number of patents per one engineer, Apple more — on average over each application from the company he worked 4.2 specialist. For comparison, the average patent application Google provided a 2.8 specialist.

Experts suggest that a more productive engineer Apple engineer Google about two times: the first participated in the preparation of nine patents, second only worked on two.

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