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The automatic configuration feature in iOS 11 allows you to quickly set up a new iPhone and iPad

Probably each when you purchase a new iPhone dreamed about just to bring it to your old smartphone and magically transfer all the data, including Wi-Fi passwords, Apple ID, personal settings and passwords from iCloud keychain. As you might guess, iOS 11 provides this capability thanks to the new function “Automatic configuration”.

Everything works about as well as on Apple TV – when you hold the iOS device to the receiver, tvOS offers to read the settings.

Step 1. First, you will need two devices running iOS 11. That is, you will either have to install the beta version or to wait for the release of the final version.

Step 2. On the new device must go through a standard setup procedure – choose language, region, etc., then you will be greeted by a new screen iOS Assistant.

Step 3. The screen will appear the inscription: “Move the iOS device closer to the iPhone”. Follow the instructions on the screen. Data transfer occurs with the camera, that is on one device, you point the camera at the special pattern to be displayed on another device.

Step 4. That’s all. As mentioned before, all Wi-Fi passwords, settings, Apple ID and other information from iCloud keychain will be transferred to your new device.

Not to say that the previous way of configuring the iPhone and iPad were too difficult or long, but Apple in the iOS 11 decided to simplify the process.

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