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The author of the new icons Google was Russian designer

The author of the new logo of Google is Russian designer Denis Kortunov, working in Acronis. This publication reports Daily Tech.

Russia has proposed its reduced variant of the logo — with a single capital G in 2008. His vision of the favicon (the icon that appears next to the address bar in the browser) he submitted in response to any design from Google. The artist offered the option of changing icons, which is similar to the current.

The process of creating the logo was described in detail in the blog Kortunov. The note was removed from the site, but still available through the service Wayback Machine that allows you to see what it looked like or that the Internet page in the past.

The publication notes that the logo that Google uses at the present time, different from the established Kartonowy: changed the order of the colored stripes constituting a capital G, and brightness of colors — they became softer.

The designer confirmed that he agreed with the Internet giant on using his ideas for re-branding, however the details of the agreement with the company did not disclose.

Google unveiled a new logo on 1 September: now the letters look flat, which corresponds to the modern tendencies of simplification of the interface. Modifications to the font, additional technical elements. In the message released by Google stressed that a new logo was “easier, brighter, cleaner and more friendly”. This is the sixth company logo since 1997.

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