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The audience of Telegram messenger in Russia grew over the year 3 times and has reached 6 million people

Russian users are users of Telegram in January of 2017 reached 6 million people, an increase of three times compared with January last year. This is reported by “Vedomosti” with reference to the report of Combot.

We are talking about those who use Telegram on a monthly basis. According to analysts, approximately 60% of all downloaded applications in Russia and about 6% of the global base of active users of the service. The most popular service is in Iran, where the number of active users of the messenger estimated 35-40 million people.

According to the company AppAnnie, Telegram in Russia included into the top five applications in the category of “the Social network” for iOS devices. In this ranking, the messenger went around the application of social networks Facebook and Odnoklassniki, and Facebook Messenger. The first four places are taken by WhatsApp, VK, Viber and Skype. Among all apps for iOS Telegram in Russia is on the 20th place, and for Android on 39.

According to the head of wireless technologies Department, J’son & Partners Vitaly Solonina –°onsulting, the popularity of Telegram in Russia in recent years has grown significantly, but still noticeably inferior to the “big three” messengers: WhatsApp, Viber and Skype, which are in the lead by number of users.

As the representative of Viber Yana Rozhkova, the number of downloads of this messenger in Russia more than 76 million active users Rozhkov did not elaborate, but noted that over the past year, the user base has doubled. As for WhatsApp, in February of last year the world audience of this messenger reached 1 billion people.

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According to estimates by TNS, Russian audience of active users Telegram (aged 12 to 64 years, living in cities with a population of over 700,000) in December 2016 amounted to almost 2 million people, in December 2015, this indicator was at the level of 500 000 people.

The Creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov declined to comment on the figures. He launched the messenger in 2013, in February 2016, said that the monthly audience of the service has reached 100 million active users.

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