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The artist has lied to Apple and Google, calling the street by its name

Artist named Yulu GE named a street in the capital of China in his name, deceiving map services from Apple and Google. The company did not notice the trick.

In 2013, the artist found in Beijing the street who has no name. And he set a sign with your name, which resembles the official designation of the urban sites. As a result, the name was used first service Autonavi, and then Apple Maps and Google Maps.

According to GE, it has long since started to use his name in the creation of various signs and signs. It was part of his thesis: one of the values in the name of the young man — “the road”. Creating their works, the Creator wanted to learn more about its identity and determine its place in the public space.

“When I arrived in Beijing, I discovered that in the city many nooks and crannies that look forgotten. I decided to find out whether there is space for GE in Yulu town, where everyone used to ignore each other. At the core of my work is this idea”, — said GE.

Street Yulu GE 460 meters in length located near the Chaoyang district. To pass it from beginning to end, it will take 10 minutes.

The Chinese authorities have already stated that unauthorized signs should be removed. According to officials, urban planners and local authorities have the right to name the road.

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