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The area of the Nuba: how to set personal vibrate in iPhone to “touch” to know the caller

IPhone users can customize not only ringtones for personal users, but also to teach the smartphone to vibrate in a special way for each caller in your address book. Moreover, standard means iOS you can create your own vibration ringtones.

On the iPhone, unlike other phones, one does not vibrate at all occasions. You can create your own options. iPhone allow you to configure custom drawings of vibrations for incoming calls, but before that you need to enable this option in the settings of the operating system.

Open the app “Contacts”, select the desired subscriber for which you want to set a personal vibrator. Then click “Edit” –> “Vibration”. Here in the menu you can settle for the default option “Alarm” or to select one of the default “Fast”, “Lively”, “Heartbeat”, “Staccato” and others, or customize your own in the section “Create new vibration”.

The last point is the most interesting. Referring to the field of application are invited to create a custom vibration pattern, a rhythm you can record whatever. Importantly, do not forget to save it and give name. Next time when you call you will know who is calling even without looking at the screen.

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