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The Application Yandex.Transport learned to build routes

Yandex has announced that applications Yandeks.Transport. Now it is possible to learn how to get from one point to another on public transport. The routes will be particularly useful in cases where you need to go to an unfamiliar area or to navigate in an unfamiliar city.

To build the route, sufficient to indicate in the application the place of departure and destination. The application understands not only the addresses (say, Tverskaya street, 5/6), but names — for example, you can find out how to get to the theater Yermolova or Museum East.

If you get to your destination can be different, Yandex.The transport will show a few of the travel options and clarify details: travel time, number of stopovers and the total distance he walk to the bus stop and from her. So people can choose the most convenient option.

The app paves the routes taking into account different modes of transport, including trains and the metro. For each route indicate when the bus or tram. This is important: for example, in the cold it’s easier to leave not the most convenient bus, but right now. The routes you plan to ride more than once, you can save in the app.

Now the service is available to about 70 cities. In 26 of them, developers will receive information about the movement of vehicles in real time, others know the schedule. In any case, the user can always see what transport goes through the stop and when approximately you will arrive.

The Application Yandex.Transport is available in the App Store and Google Play.

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