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The Application Yandex.Mail received the support of Touch ID scanner and learned how to access the archives

The company “Yandex” has released a new version of its mobile mail client for iPhone. The developers have made a number of changes that “will assess active users”.

In the client “Yandex.Email” the developers have implemented support for ZIP archives and RAR. Having such an attachment, the user can immediately view its contents without using other programs. In addition, there is an additional protection of the correspondence from prying eyes. You can configure in-app pin code or input fingerprint, and no one else will be able to look into postcard, even if you give someone your phone.

As told in the company, when you first start the updated application will connect to the server Yandex and download internal update — this is due to the transition to the new platform. “Post updated. Right now mobile mail is not available, because it downloads important and urgent update. It doesn’t take much time, you need to wait a couple of minutes. Besides, you can always access your mailbox via any browser” back app. If correspondence is very large, it will take some time. The company is asked to be patient.

Release big update “Yandex.Email” was held in April of this year. In addition to the updated interface, made by all the canons of iOS 8, the program received the support of gestures. Now, when the user examines new Inbox, completely unnecessary mails can be immediately removed, if you swipe to the left, and not very important — send a read, if you swipe to the right. To read the letters also became more convenient: they are unfolding inside the message list. Having read the open letter to the end, the user will immediately see the following in the list — no need to switch between screens.

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The program appeared offline mode. Write letters, move them from folder to folder, you can delete without connecting to the Internet. The app supports push notifications, so you of new email, the user can recognize in that moment, as soon as it goes into the box.

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