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The application of Russian developers retrieves all the information from backup in iCloud, iOS 9

The Russian company “oxygen software”, the developer tools for conducting forensic investigations of smartphones, has released a new version of product “oxygen forensic detective” 8.3. It greatly expanded the possibilities of extracting data from devices and cloud services.

A new version of “oxygen forensic detective” allows you to retrieve data from iCloud backup made with Apple devices running the iOS operating system 9, including the newly released iOS 9.3. Now, experts can extract information from backups of all devices tied to a unique Apple ID.

“At a time when most modern mobile devices use cloud services for data storage, the need to retrieve such information is becoming increasingly important for forensic experts, said the General Director of open company “oxygen software” Sergey Sokolov. – Improved methods of extracting data from iOS devices and Windows Phone will greatly assist our customers in their daily work.”

Updated version of the program allows you to download iCloud backup with devices on any version of iOS. Examiners have access to all user data: contacts, calls, messages, notes, and calendar events, photos, videos, locations, passwords, remote data and mobile apps: Facebook, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber and others, told in the company.

Removing data from iCloud, experts get access to three backups of each device ― the original and two copies of the most recent. This enables us to compare data and track changes to the information in each device.

The program includes special Analytics. For example, the section “timeline” provides access to all activities and movements performed by one or more users, with their filtering and sorting by date and time. Investigators and investigators can track user location at every moment, build and map his routes over time and clearly see all the actions that the user performed in each of the locations.

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