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The application of Lean in Live Photos turns normal photo to save space on iPhone

One of the features of the flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is the ability to do Live Photos — “living pictures”, a short video that a user takes in parallel with the photos. To view Live Photos on iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and the device with the feature 3D Touch, which is also a novelty on the market of modern smartphones.

The issue is that live photos take up much more space in the smartphone memory. A particular problem with available space on the iPhone 6s may get the owners of the 16-Gigabyte modification. Lean new app aims to help such users to clear the flash drive of unnecessary images in the format of Live Photos.

Live Photos have the size of two 12-megapixel photos. In other words, each image takes the place of two ordinary pictures. For those who bought an iPhone with a larger memory, such subtlety is not a problem, but owners of machines with minimal configuration will be faced with the rapid disappearance of free space.

The idea of Lean is to help the user to easily get rid of all unnecessary live photos. The application works very simple: after downloading the user will see all of your photos on your device and can select and turn them into regular images. Just click on the extra photos and confirm.

Developed by Jason Dean and Louis Nguyen, the app is available completely free of charge. Download Lean here.

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