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The application “Mail” popular “Yandex.Mail and Gmail in Russia

Mobile Mail app” for popular iOS and Android clients for e-mail services companies “Yandex” and Google in Russia. This is stated in the report, the research firm TNS.

According to the newspaper, the daily audience of the application “Mail” is 1,997 million people. For this indicator, it ranks fifth among all programs, right after Vkontakte, WhatsApp, Instagram and Viber.

The audience of its nearest competitor, Gmail, is 800 874 users. The Application Yandex.Mail use 512 900 people across Russia.

According to TNS, the web version of the post” ahead “Yandex.Mail by daily attendance at 1.8 — 17.1 million visitors, against 9.3 million, the Average daily attendance Gmail was 6.2 times less than that of the — 2.7 million people.

This study was conducted in the cities of Russia with population of above 700,000. It was attended by people aged 24 to 64 years.

It is worth noting that postal service Mail Mail.Ru” the first announced support for smart watches Apple Watch. The owners of the wearable computer can learn about a new message, reply, mark read or delete, without taking the iPhone out of your pocket.

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