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The application Hookah Locator will help to find the best hookah in your city

Since the entry into force of the anti-Smoking law, Smoking in public places, like cafes or restaurants, became illegal. While ardent fans of Smoking would not sacrifice their habits and rushed to find alternative ways to continue to smoke for fun. So rapidly increased the number of hookah — the designated Smoking places.

At the moment, Hookah Locator is the only service that combines the hookah out of all the cities not only in Russia but in the CIS countries. The developers have created an app for the iPhone, which brings most of the features of the site on a mobile platform and simplifies access to information.

When you start a Hookah Locator we are met with a screen with the choice of the city, and at the moment more than 40. After the user allows the app to use location-based data, will be available for a menu of nearby establishments. Then, literally in just one click, you can see where they are on the map.

If interested in any school, you can always go in his card, read reviews, learn what hookahs are available, and what are the TOBACCOS work there. Having defined the school you can call and book a table, and then to pave the route. Have the ability to add suitable school to your favorites.

At the moment, to write reviews and give ratings only on the desktop. The developers promise to add this functionality in the second version of the application.

One of the disadvantages is still a small base of institutions, but, as we remember, the service is fairly young and we can contribute to its development. The developers aim to turn the Hookah Locator into a powerful service for people who are interested in this subject.

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The application Hookah Locator is available for download at this link.

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