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The application for the remixes by Massive Attack hides more unreleased tracks

British trip-hop group Massive Attack released a new music application Sensory Fantom Music. The program, available on iPhones and smart watches Apple Watch, the musicians called “touch the music player”.

Sensory Music Fantom allows the user to process music in real time: the algorithm generates a streaming audio and video, designed for maximum customization and takes into account a lot of variables, including the user’s location, data on its movement, pulse (App Watch), time of day and surroundings, shot on camera. The app also allows you to record the stream and produce short clips.

In the development of Sensory Fantom Music attended one of the founding members, Robert Del Naya. The program is notable in that allows you to Remix four is still not officially released track: Dead Editors, Ritual Spirit, Voodoo in My Blood and Take It There. Source for audio are a few electronic tracks, written, in all probability, Robert Del Naya (aka 3D). His style can be seen in the chart application. Users, however, can’t hear full versions of songs, and bits and pieces.

Recorded remixes can be shared in social media as videos. Fantom Sensory Music available in the App Store for free.

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