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The application for deferred reading Pocket learned to read the article without Internet connection

Very often useful and interesting articles from the Net and remain unread due to time constraints, forgetfulness or accidentally closed tabs. In 2007, for the preservation of materials “for later” was created by the service Read It Later, which by now has become a powerful cross-platform application Pocket.

Recently the creators of the service have released a new version of the official client for iOS, which acquired useful function “speech Synthesis”. With this feature, the app can read aloud postponed “for later” articles. Just open any post, click the “●●●”, and then “Listen (TTS)”.

“Over 10 million people use Pocket to easily save articles, videos and other materials for later viewing. With Pocket, all your content will be stored in one place and available anytime, on any device. Even without Internet connection”, – stated in the program description.

In addition to voice texts updated Pocket boasts the feature of Send to Friend – it allows you to share articles with other users. The convenience is that the person who sent the link, will be notified through push notifications. As they say the creators of the service, app users are twice as likely to send links via email than share them on social networks. Accordingly, the ability to broadcast content to other users to improve the experience with it, since it’s faster than writing E-mail.

The app looks equally on all platforms, has a very nice simple design and works quickly and without any complaints. Pocket is free to download for smartphones and tablets with iOS 7 and above.

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Download Pocket iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [App Store]

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