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The Apple Watch will help to deal with snoring

19 APR 2018 for the section “sleep Analysis” the Apple Watch has a new app that helps you to prevent snoring. About the health innovation reports 9to5Mac.

Upon detection of a snoring app for your iPhone sends a command to smart watches, to those silently faked a light touch on the wrist of the user. A slight vibration will not disturb sleep, but will force the person to change the position of the body, and as a result the snoring will cease. Roughly speaking, the clock will act as if the partner of the snorer woke up and gently turned it over.

The app is compatible with the topics “Health” and “sleep Analysis” for iPhone and Apple Watch. By installing the application on the smart watch, it is important to include control of snoring on your iPhone.

Improved “sleep Analysis” on the Apple Watch also includes a smart alarm that helps the user to easily Wake up at a specified time. The advantage of this awakening is that it does not require any ringtones, which means the person is subjected to less stress.

The basis of the application is based on two patents. The algorithm described in the first, helps to calculate the optimal phase of sleep to Wake up. Thanks to the second patent, the extension can analyze the sleep state of the user, assessing the sounds.

The program can be downloaded for free in the App Store. There are in-app purchases.

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