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The Apple Watch will help detect hypertension and sleep apnea

The company Cardiogram in conjunction with the University of California at San Francisco conducted a study and found out that the Apple Watch can become an effective tool for detecting apnea and hypertension.

Application developers Cardiogram and other scientists have collected data from 6115 hours and uploaded them to the neural network DeepHeart. In the experiment, it was found that neural networks were able to identify hypertension (high blood pressure) with an accuracy of 82%. Thus the temporary suspension of breathing during sleep, known as apnea, the computer has determined with 90% accuracy.

“The results were quite accurate, in order to begin to consider Apple Watch as a viable, affordable and effective tool for the diagnosis of hypertension,” said one of the founders Cardiogram Brandon Bollinger.

Previously, the company Cardiogram has used Apple Watch, coupled with neural network to detection of cardiac arrhythmias with an accuracy of 97%. This achievement prompted Apple to launch a new study, which will allow you to accurately determine the effectiveness of hours, as the device for diagnostics of heart diseases.

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