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The Apple Watch is not needed? The main problem of all “smart” watches

Smart watch is a small computer on hand with its own operating system and applications. In fact, it is a chronometer with additional functions that need a daily charge. The only thing smart watches can not – be passed from generation to generation. The same Rolex can be worn for years, but the Apple Watch will have to be thrown away after they fail the battery. Despite the relatively short service life, there are many people who like such type of electronics. Although it is now clear that smart watches were not really popular.

The wrist has always been the most suitable place for the screen, but a normal clock shows only the time and date – nothing busy place on the hand. Therefore, many manufacturers have thought of that to put into the hands of the user mini-computer. The problem is that the gadget needs to be very compact and stylish, this accessory is often chosen for appearance.

Some wearable devices like Apple Watch or Gear S2 can boast a nice design and small size, often, however, smart watches are bulky, and their appearance will make you cry even geek. Apple made a watch with a variety of sensors and functions, but the design did not suffer.

The gadget is geared for the fitness function and the tracking condition. However, the majority of buyers interested in sports, prefer fitness bracelets that end up gathering dust in a Desk drawer.

Another important reason to think about buying a smart watch notifications, and this Apple Watch is doing fine. But the usefulness of these products ends, that is, in reality, there are 2-3 reasons to buy smart watches.

Wearable electronics makes our lives easier, but no watches or bracelets does not have a feature that would have made her indispensable. 10 years ago Steve jobs introduced the iPhone, and since then, without smartphones, it is impossible to imagine modern life, but with a smart watch, this is not happening.

This does not mean that wearable electronics has the right to existence. Global sales of these devices increase, and supplies of the Apple Watch in the last quarter reached a record value. However, as long as Apple or any other company will find a truly useful application of a smart watch, they will remain a niche product.

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