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The Apple Watch is considered distance, calories and pulse as well as professional fitness tracker Garmin

Smart watch Apple Watch give a complete picture of daily user activity. During the day on the wrist, the device reads the data on the physical load. Enthusiasts decided to check the correct operation of the sensors in the Apple Watch, comparing the results with the testimony of a professional sports tracker Garmin. Posted below photos demonstrate the results of the experiment.

As you know, Apple Watch is devoid of a built-in GPS receiver, therefore, to determine the geographic coordinates of the device is forced to turn to iPhone. However, after a simple calibration clock be turned into a stand-alone fitness device, is able to calculate distance traveled, number of steps, calories burned and other information without a smartphone. To calibrate Apple recommends to do a walk with the iPhone in the open air for 20 minutes, after which an electronic bracelet will get all the necessary information about steps.

Journalists iSpazio compared the performance of the Apple Watch offline Garmin Forerunner 610 – special sports instrument heart rate sensor, which is mounted on the chest of the user. After an 11-kilometer marathon was showing gadgets almost completely coincide. Apple Watch showed the distance made 11.32 km, Garmin – 11.3 km, the average number of steps at first – a 5:18 mile, the other had a 5:19 mile, calories burned – 673 and 692, respectively, the average heart rate – 156 and 155, respectively. It is noteworthy that the Apple watch was used without iPhone and specialized heart rate monitors.

“We are convinced that wearable device job data measurement is not worse than specialized solutions,” said the authors of the experiment. The official cost of the Apple Watch in Russia is still unknown, professional tracker Garmin Forerunner 610 HRM in the Russian market is worth about 20 000.

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Earlier similar experiment was conducted by the Consumer Reports journalists and Sunset Lake Software, confirming that the Apple Watch will display readings without significant distortion.

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