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The Apple Watch has caused service of rescue of the American automobile accident

“Smart” watches Apple Watch help to monitor physical activity and a healthy lifestyle, but they can also save lives in critical situations. It happened to 22-year-old College student in Maryland who had an accident and his iPhone was out of reach.

Casey Benetto went to classes on an empty highway and got into a car accident. His car rolled over and the airbag has deployed. In an upside-down car, the American was hanging strapped on the seat belt.

Smartphone Bennett flew from the car and was on the ground. Icy then remembered about the Apple Watch and activated on device SOS function. “I pressed and held 6 seconds side button called the rescue service”, – says the student.

Bennett said that he had sent Apple’s CEO Tim cook a letter with your story and gratitude for this feature of the Apple Watch.

The SOS function in the Apple Watch appeared last autumn in the update watchOS 3. The watch will automatically dial the local emergency services.

While the Apple Watch also sends the message to selected contacts. Watch pass the current location, and for some time after switching to the SOS mode send new location information. No need to take any extra steps — the device automatically sends location information.

In December 2015 the Apple Watch saved the life of another American. His car turned over on the night highway. With the help of “smart” hours, he found my iPhone and called the emergency services.

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