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The Apple Store employee stole a million dollars in Apple gift cards

Officer of Apple’s retail store organized criminal network of illegal sale of iTunes gift cards. The company accuses him of causing damage at a million dollars.

The message about the fraud came to the police Department from an employee of a Cupertino company loss prevention. 24-year-old employee Apple Store Reuben Profit unlawfully obtained Apple gift cards worth $997 000. He sold these cards, and significantly cheaper — asked for them for $200 at face value of $2,000.

The Apple employee bought the gift card, which was first recorded Bank credit and debit cards, which then the payment is made. The scheme failed — as the purchase was done successfully only for encoding cards under real (a real person with a real account), the real owners have started to issue refunds.

Profit when arrested, he had 7 Apple gift cards of value $2000 each, and 51 of the banking cards Visa and American Express. At the moment, the main question remains, how unlucky crook gets real data on Bank accounts of clients of the Bank.

All the shenanigans the suspect managed to commit three months – from August to October. Currently, the Apple Store employee, who organized the fraudulent scheme, is under investigation. The Reuben Profit faces 15 years in prison.

This is not the first case of fraud among employees of Apple. Last year, six Apple Store employees in Florida, to cooperate with employees of the trading network Best Buy, robbed the company of about half a million dollars, exchanging nearly 600 stolen iPhone on new.

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In the beginning, it became known even about one incident with the Apple gift penalties. Employees of retail stores organized criminal network for illegal purchase. The victims were 250 patients of private dental clinics from new York and new Jersey.

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