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The Apple Lisa-1 was sold for $ 50,000

In 1983 the Apple Lisa-1 was worth $ 10,000. Recently, a working model was sold at auction for 50,000.

One of the biggest commercial failure Apple Lisa-1 – is now a coveted piece of vintage technology. High price, poor performance and unreliable floppy Twiggy has resulted in low levels of sales. Apple has made some improvements and reduced the price of the new model, however, the imminent release of the Apple Macintosh marked the end of the model number Lisa.

Team Breker, which specializiruetsya on antique technologies, sold Lisa-1 for 50 $ 300 at auction in Cologne. Edition AppleWorld.Today reports that it was the highest price for the day.

Perhaps this will seem excessive, however it is still far from the cost of the Apple 1. The first Apple computers are now sold at the price from 300 000 to 900 000$. The cost depends on the overall condition, serial number, and the demand itself in a moment in time. Now there are less than 70 copies of the Apple 1, because most of the released computers were recycled and used to build the Apple II.

Owners of the Apple Lisa-1 was able to upgrade their computers prior to the Lisa-2 by replacing the panels and actuators Twiggy. The Apple Lisa-1 was the first personal computer with a graphical user interface, which was controlled by the mouse.

The video shows how the Apple Lisa-1 worked 34 years ago.

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