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The Apple explodes, but it is possible

The next iPhone 7 exploded in the hands of a happy user at a time, as he was about to answer the call. However, Apple, unlike Samsung, to withdraw their smartphones are not in a hurry and on the brand image of explosions Apple gadgets almost no effect. What is the fundamental difference between the iPhone 7, which can explode and Galaxy Note 7, which is absolutely impossible to explode?

The latest incident with the iPhone 7 have occurred in the UK. The resident, 42-year-old Lee Hayes, said that he had bought a smartphone three days ago, the device exploded in his hands. Moreover, the device collapsed in a time when the British wanted to answer the call. With this iPhone issued a loud Bang and damaged the fingers of the owner.

Two weeks earlier a similar case was recorded in China. In late April, a resident of China told about the explosion of the iPhone 7 Plus. The incident occurred on the night so a Chinese girl was fast asleep, and lay a few inches from her head. According to her, the device was bought in March of this year and was charged only the official adapter.

Why regular news about damage to iPhone not forcing Apple to announce some of the critical shortcomings of the device and recall all the already sold phones for repair or replacement of some elements?

Firstly, when comparable sales (in fact, Apple sold more iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus) news about iPhone failures come much less frequently, and these failures do not look so dramatic. If the pictures with the burnt Note 7 at the time flooded the Network, the pictures of burned or exploded unexpectedly 7 iPhone almost never occurs. Accordingly, a fraction of the media and the effect of these news.

Secondly, Note 7 exploded across the planet and, most significantly, exploding in Europe and the United States. And it is worth remembering playful map of public response to disaster in one or another part of the world. They recall, disasters or terrorist attacks in Europe and the United States are estimated as a terrible tragedy for the world and tsunami washes away a whole country in Asia, will be evaluated like this: “well, unfortunately, it happens sometimes”. Similar is true for smartphones. If the iPhone 7 exploded in the hands of the American student, we would have sat and watched a dozen talk shows that discuss’d this terrible phenomenon of attacks phones per person. Some opinion leader would write an appeal, full of pathos and tears, to Apple and call it an open letter.

Finally, in the third, but not least, another important caveat. Currently, Apple in China is experiencing not the best times. The state is not too favorable to the American manufacturer. Some citizens even tried to deny to buy a new iPhone almost prescriptive. At the same time, let me remind you, the real owners of the world’s smartphone market (in terms of production, not money) are Chinese companies such as Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, Xiaomi and a handful of smaller (on the scale of China) manufacturers. For them, any incident with the new smartphone competitor — manna from heaven. So do not rule out the possibility that the incident with the iPhone 7 can be staged or off intentionally, because of what in the Apple do not think these incidents revealed a flaw in the construction did not organize world opinion phones.

Perhaps in the near future Apple will analyze admitted to the emergency of smartphones and reveal some unexpected details, such as attempts to interfere in the operation of the gadget, or use non-standard chargers that can damage your phone. In any case, the news about accidents with the iPhone 7 is ten times less than was no news of Note 7, despite the fact that iPhone 7 has sold many times more, so the percentage of the number of accidents is still too small to smartphones from Cupertino was waiting for the fate of the gadgets from Seoul.

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