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The Apple employee who stole the data about the electric car company, threatened with 10 years in prison

A former employee of Apple revealed commercial secrets, plums data regarding project Titan.

Titan is a secret self-driving car, Apple is supposedly developing for several years.

One of the involved in the development of employees Xiaoliang Jean was involved in testing of the circuits necessary for the analysis of information obtained from different kinds of sensors. These devices were to be used in the configuration of the electric potential.

The problems began in April 2018. Jan got the child and he decided to leave the company. The engineer was found with his head in the Apple and announced that he planned to return home to work there in the company XMotors. This Chinese startup is working on creating its own self-driving cars. This immediately aroused the suspicions of his colleagues. At the same time the Manager thought Jean was a bit strange during their last conversation.

Learned of the security service of Apple and decided to analyze the activity Sayana in the network, and also view the recording from the security cameras to figure out when he visited the Apple campus and what they do.

When it came to learning devices Jean, the Corporation found that the downloaded on the laptop his wife’s secrets, which he was obliged to keep them secret. Every employee of the Corporation shall sign the appropriate document to disclose certain data. Xiaoliang has violated this rule, resulting in the Apple, in cooperation with the FBI began a hunt for him.

7 July, the FBI arrested a former employee of Apple. Now he faces 10 years in prison and imposing a penalty amount of $ 250,000.

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Last year there were rumors that the iPhone maker decided to roll the project Titan, as work ceased several engineers. But judging by how Apple protects the secret data associated with this product, they still need engineers. This means that development is still ongoing, and likely future, users will be able to ride on Apple branded car.

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