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The Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak celebrates 65th anniversary

Today its 65-year anniversary marks one of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak. Who, as it is called by his colleagues, he was one of the most important roles not only in creating the “fruit” of the company, but in the computer industry as a whole. Now he leads an active social life and continues to contribute to the popularization of the computer industry.

Stephen Gary Wozniak (eng. Stephen Gary Wozniak was born on 11 August 1950 in California city of San Jose, in the family of an engineer and a housewife. During his school years, Wozniak has expressed interest in technical innovations. Most of all he loved to pick from designers working models of radios, calculators and other electronic devices.

Choose school, according to Wozniak, restoring the boredom. Even admission to the University of California at Berkeley, is not fueled at a young Wozniak thirst for knowledge, and in the second year he dropped out of school, but in 1986 still graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer technology.

While learning in College Wozniak met Steve jobs, attending high school in Cupertino. Jobs was the first familiar Wozniak, who was interested in electronics and, moreover, arranged jokes based on technical tricks, so they quickly became friends.

After high school, jobs went to know yourself, and Wozniak began working at Hewlett-Packard. Their paths crossed again when jobs joined the company Atari and agreed with its founder Nolan Bushnell on the development of a computerized scheme for the game “Breakout”, laid in a minimum amount of chips.

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Jobs turned to Wozniak, which for four days has created a prototype printed circuit Board of the cartridge games. Despite the brilliant engineering solution, implement the technology into mass production proved too costly, but Bushnell paid jobs $700 and $5000 for the saved details. Jobs was equally divided with another $700, but failed to mention the $5000. Who had a pathological sense of justice Wozniak could hardly forgive him, but remember the hype for life.

In 1976, Wozniak and Steve jobs organized a company for the production and Assembly of PC – Apple. The success of the company introduced the Apple II, collected by the Who. Released in 1980, the machine is made of Wozniak and jobs millionaires.

In 1981, piloting small aircraft Wozniak was in a plane crash. In connection with the accident, he developed retrograde and temporary aerography amnesia. In keeping with this fact that he was forced to leave Apple. However, in 1983 he went back and managed to work two more years, after which he created his own company to develop remote control for home use – simply speaking, remote control. His firm CL-9 existed before 1989. During this time, Wozniak managed to finish University in Berkeley that has not had time to do during the formation of the Empire Apple, and get a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and IT.

Wozniak has received numerous awards and academic degrees for his contribution to the development of the computer industry in the USA and in 2000 entered the national inventors Hall of fame. To this day it remains a living legend to the world of technology. In September 2007, Wozniak published an autobiography, “iWoz”.

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