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The appellate court found Samsung guilty of violating Apple’s patent on “slide to unlock” and ordered to pay $120 million

The U.S. court of appeals for the Federal circuit invalidated the decision of the panel of three judges, according to which Samsung has to pay Apple $at 119.6 million for infringement of several patents. Thus, the iPhone maker won an important victory in a long-standing patent dispute with a competitor.

In February this year, the court ruled that Samsung did not violate a patent for the function “slide-to-unlock” (unlock the device by swiping on the touch screen), calling it “obvious”. The result was cancelled a verdict on the payment by Samsung of a fine in the amount of $at 119.6 million to Apple. Today, the Federal U.S. court of appeals for the Federal circuit reversed that decision. The resolution noted that the Board needed to discuss whether to increase the punishment “on the basis of willful misconduct on the part of Samsung.”

In may 2014 the jury concluded that Samsung illegal use of Apple’s three patents, including the slide to unlock technology that is used when unlocking the screen, and also so-called quick links. The South Korean company ordered to pay rival $at 119.6 million to Apple, in turn, was found guilty of patent infringement Samsung to compress digital photos and videos. The company was ordered to pay $158 thousand

The patent war between the two companies coming with 2011. Apple has twice filed for Samsung to court, the original amount of these claims amounted to $4.5 billion In 2012, the court came to the conclusion that Samsung infringed six of Apple’s patents, including those relating to design elements. In the end, the South Korean company has agreed to pay $548 million

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