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The App Store was released mobile strategy based on the “Metro 2033”

In the App Store released the game Metro 2033: Wars, inspired by the eponymous series of fantasy novels by Dmitry Glukhovsky. The project made its debut on iPhone and iPad with at least iOS version 7.0.

Metro 2033: Wars is a turn-based strategy game in which users have to return to post-apocalyptic Moscow and to survive in it, gathering resources, trading and battling enemies. The game tells about a group of survivors after a nuclear war, hiding in the Moscow metro. The game features 189 metro stations and 24 groups with which to engage in battle over the ownership of the stations. During the game, gamers will find resources, recruit soldiers, and fight with other survivors and mutants.

“The third world war began and ended for a few hours — state exchanged nuclear strikes and civilization fell. In the universe of Metro 2033, contrary to the theory of assured destruction, several thousand people managed to survive in the labyrinth of subway tunnels. We organized community and micropowders, with arms in their hands fighting each other and reflect the constant attacks of mutated species of flora and fauna”.

Prior to this, in the same series were released “Metro 2033” and “Metro 2033: Ray of hope” – two shooter with elements of horror that were based on novels Glukhovsky.

Acquire Metro 2033: Wars can follow these links – iOS and Android. The cost of the game is us $7.99. At the moment the project was launched in limited form and only available in the us App Store. “Official release” is scheduled for December 17.

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