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The App Store was released a simulator of a car dealership

If you bought a used car or just thinking about buying it, you probably spent a lot of time on specialized sites in search of suitable options, and, perhaps, you’ve reviewed a huge number of videos on YouTube that explain how to pick up a car. Then a new game “Simulator car Dealer” is sure to please you.

The game begins with the fact that you have in your pocket some money and have access to a database of cars. As in real life, you need to call the owner’s favourite car, meet him and see the condition of the vehicle and after a bit of bargaining to buy it.

But buying a car is only the beginning, the player will need to sell to buy my next car. So at this stage can cause problems. If you find that the car is damage, they will have to eliminate them due to its potential benefits.

To repair the car in several ways – the fastest and cheapest, as it always happens, turns out to be poor maintenance. By choosing this path, the player runs the risk that the damage might appears repeatedly in the most unexpected moment, namely, when the vehicle will be considered a potential buyer.

Well, as the saying goes, “If you want to do something well, do it yourself”, the most reliable method of repair is self-repair. But since the beginning of the game you have no experience and need to gain. You can choose the strategy of balanced development, gradually learning the device and repair of suspension, motor, transmission or pump to the maximum knowledge of the engine, but to remain a layman in other areas. Which way to go, the player to decide.

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After the car is fully roadworthy, gamers will have to sell it. As in real life, the more you’ll put up for sale, the longer you’ll look for a buyer. Speaking of customers, they behave quite differently, some people buy without looking, others thoroughly examine the car and find damage that you did not know, others are traded constantly knocking the price down to a minimum.

In addition to buying and selling car, the game still has things to do, every day, an exhibition of cars in which the players themselves vote for their favorite candidates. You can also look at the success your friends and even buy a car from them.

The game is available completely free for iPhone and iPad. Download “Simulator for the car Dealership” at this link.

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